Doggie Daycare - limited service

Going to Tucson or visiting Mexico for the day?  Leave your pup with us for a day of daycare.  Although we don't have the capacity to offer standard daycare, we can usually help for those every-now-and-again needs.  Give us a call for availability!

dog day care and boarding services Rio Rico

Dogs love playing
and socializing together.


Dogs Are Social Creatures

If you've ever been to a dog park, or around a group of dogs, you know that dogs are very social animals. They are, by nature, pack animals and love being with their own kind. Doggie daycare is a great way to give your dog the social interaction he needs during the day.

A day of daycare at Paws-A-Moment is full of fun! With lots of room to run, toys, balls and friends to play with, your dog will get the exercise and interaction he needs to make him happy.

Small/Shy Dog Daycare

Little dogs, and dogs who are a little shy need exercise too, and we can accommodate them! We have a small dog play area just for the little and shy ones, so they can interact together, away from the "rowdy crowd". Coming in the Spring of 2013, we will have a large section of the back yard separated specifically for small/shy/gentle dogs.

Hours & Rates

Monday – Sunday

based on availability

Single dog $20 per day
Two dogs $35 per day

(Hours and rates subject to change.)


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